Sabrina Tirvengadum is a deaf Visual artist and Graphic designer with British-Mauritian heritage. 

Co-founder at we’re all human

Recent Projects

2022: Disability is Diversity

The first advertising campaign created by an all-disabled creative team and I had the opportunity to part of the team. The Disability is Diversity Campaign pressures entertainment industry players to explicitly include disability in every diversity, equity, and inclusion conversation and strategy. And featured in AdAge and in Variety

Image Description: Bold text over a pink, yellow and orange background reads "Dear entertainment industry, there is no diversity, equity, and inclusion without disability."
Image Description: Bold text over a bright green and turquoise gradient background that reads “Disability is diversity." In the bottom right-hand corner there is black text that reads "Powered by Inevitable Foundation"
Photo of a billboard on a building that has bold text over a bright pink, orange and yellow gradient background that reads "There's no diversity, equity, and inclusion without disability."

Image Description: A headshot of Sabrina Tirvengadum, a brown-skinned woman with mid-length dark brown wavy hair and dark brown eyes. She is directly facing the camera and smiling. She's wearing a red wool hat with white details spelling out WAH in British Sign Language. To the right is text that reads "Sabrina Tirvengadum (she/her) is a British-Mauritian deaf multidisciplinary visual artist and designer. Sabrina’s experiences as a deaf woman who also experiences tinnitus have led her to co-found we’re all human (WAH) which challenges ableism in digital spaces and is fighting to make accessibility the priority for design."

2022: WAIWAV, The Other Intervention

Inspired by WAIWAV and the 102nd Anniversary of the 1st Dada Exhibition I contributed to the online takeover organised by Amanda Lynch, “The Other Intervention“. Check more fabulous work from disabled artists on Instagram.
#TheOtherIntervention  #WAIWAV

Video description:

Frame: 1:  text reads “The Other Intervention”

Frame 2: A person’s mouth is mouthing backwards and it’s without sound. 

Frame 3: Audio of a man saying, “I’m a white man with blue eyes. In my late thirties” 

Frame 4: Montage of lips flashing 

Frame 5: Audio of a man saying, “I’ve got brown brown hair and a bit of a beard.” 

Frame 6: text whizzing pass the screen reading “I’m a white man with blue eyes. In my late thirties, I have brown brown hair and a bit of a beard.
My pronouns are him/his.” I’m a whi e man wi   blue eye . In my la e   ir ie , I’ve o   olden brown hair and a bi  of a beard. My pronoun  are he and him.”


Frame 7: Audio of a man saying, “My pronouns are him/his”.

Frame 8: Ear is spinning in the frame. 

Final frame: A man with a beard is speaking. The audio and caption reads ““I’m a white man with blue eyes. In my late thirties, I have brown brown hair and a bit of a beard. My pronouns are him/his.” 

2022: NYM: Not your Monolith, I AM , Issue 1
2021: Rye Here Rye Now Poster Exhibition part of the LDF

The below pieces are representations of the articles
“I am… Chronically Brown” by Sukhjeen Kaur and Shani Dhanda

This issue explores the concept of who we are as individuals and as a community of artists and writers from across the globe. I am not your monolith. I am disabled. I am more than my impairment or condition.

Also featured at RyeHereRyeNow Poster Exhibition with London Design Festival

2021: Wiilma Lockdown all Ages Community Art Competition
2021: Featured at Wiilma’s ‘Create and Connect Safely from Home’ Exhibition supported by Barbican’s Leytonstone Loves Film Festival

Project title: Being different shouldn’t divide us 

A series of quotable posters intended to open up a conversation about accessibility in digital spaces. Many websites create barriers so that people with disabilities or other access needs cannot use them.

There are lots of ways that digital spaces can be designed to remove this exclusion. And by designing with inclusion in mind, design becomes more useful. Our contribution can be much greater, and celebrating our differences can bring us together

Digital spaces can exclude
Digital space can exclude
With great inclusion comes great design
With great inclusive comes great design
Being different shouldn't divide us
Being different shouldn’t divide us
we're all human
We’re all human
The internet is for everyone
The internet is for everyone

2020: Cannes Lions + Wetransfer + dubble

Questions for the Future : LIONS x WeTransfer

The “Questions for the Future” series in partnership with WeTransfer showcases a series of beautiful digital canvases that depict open-ended questions about the future of creativity put forward by LIONS Live speakers.

They asked designers from the LIONS Creative Studio to produce artistic interpretations of these questions which live as wallpapers on

No rules, no brand guidelines. No… well, OK, there was a brief. But aside from that: pure creative freedom and a blank canvas for fresh ideas. Take a moment to explore the artwork and the reasoning behind each of the questions.

I led the international disabled creative team at dubble and we produce a Wetransfer wallpaper and social assets within a week. It was available to view for 3 months.

Wetransfer wallpaper
Wetransfer Wallpaper designed by dubble artists:  Sabrina TirvengadumJohn-James LaidlowSarah VitbergStephanie Jo, and Madeleine Bianchi
Digital Montage of Sabrina Tirvengadum
Digital portrait of Sabrina Tirvengadum

2020: dubble article

Dating: Mixed Signals

From dating app disclosure to first dates in loud pubs, dating while hard of hearing can cause a lot of mixed signals.

3 outline drawings of lips with pale green, yellow and pink brush stroke around.

2020: #HomeIs
2021: HomeMade

Supported by Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019
and featured at Leytonstone Loves Film + Barbican

This film screening event will screen short documentary films made around the theme of home and what home means during Covid.

Shot and Edited by Sabrina with a Google Pixel 3

#HomeIs Film Project: Q&A Session

Screenshot of the Q&A youtube event
Screenshot of the Q&A for the Film Project.
Square layout with 7 Speakers, Sabrina is positioned in the center of the frame.