Lafami (Mauritius)

This project explores the concept of Mauritian identity and aims to start conversations by asking a crucial question: What does it truly mean to be Mauritian? Its objective is to bring attention to the complexities of having a diasporic identity and address the struggles of feeling lost in a world where one is caught between different cultural backgrounds.

The project specifically focuses on the experiences of British Mauritians who find it challenging to identify themselves as Asian, African, or British. They often feel rejected by these societies due to the confusion surrounding their position between countries and continents.

The inspiration for this project stems from a personal sense of isolation. Upon visiting Mauritius, the creator of this project felt a disconnection from their family heritage, the history of indentured labour, and the culture. The lack of visual records of their family further emphasised this feeling of detachment.

To participate in the project, the creator captured the essence of their family members through photographs and reimagined popular Mauritian studio photos from the 1960s to the 1980s. These staged photos were a significant means of communication from Mauritius during their childhood.

Through this project, the aim is to empower others to proudly showcase their families and embrace their unique identities with confidence.


2023: Lafami (Mauritius), NAE OPEN 2023, New Art Exchange