Sabrina Tirvengadum: deaf British-born Mauritian Artist exploring Cultural Heritage and Identity

Afternoon Chai, Billboard Commission, SPACE Gallery, Ilford, London

If we were Marrier d’Unienville, Collaboration with Artist Mark Allred
The Print House Gallery, Dalston
Loosen Art, The Family, Rome, Italy
Online gallery, YOU NAME IT  by Sasha Huber, Autograph
Digital Billboard, YOU NAME IT  by Sasha Huber, Autograph
Runner up, Visible Artist Award, House of St Barnabas and Audible Head office

Lafami (Mauritius) 2022, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK

Poster design, Can publications be porous? Iniva

My Fiancé – After he proposed, Small Is Beautiful, File Size: 17kb, Small File Photo Festival, The Photographers’ Gallery