The Other Intervention

Inspired by WAIWAV and the 102nd Anniversary of the 1st Dada Exhibition I contributed to the online takeover organised by Amanda Lynch, “The Other Intervention“. Check more fabulous work from disabled artists on Instagram.

#TheOtherIntervention  #WAIWAV

Here’s a wonderful piece by Kruse. “Sometimes it seems like you can only find success as a disabled artist if you make work *about* disability.”

Leanne Staples

AlisonLam Art

She expresses how she feels when writing proposals or applications for shows, exhibitions, funding or residencies….
My eyes grow tried, my words in my head get jumbled. If I didn’t feel stupid, I do at the application stage always. Hidden disabilities so many barriers!

Things On Things

a surreal analog collage of 3 and a half people’s feet sitting on chairs with a torn white paper that says, “what are you?” With black scribbles crossing out, “a daughter of”underneath.

April Davis

Here’s some of my own work and video I collaborated with Mark Allred.

This Instagram template to disrupt the hashtag feed with exhibition labels that calls out to gatekeepers to invite disabled artist into their space. This template touches on inclusivity and accessibility, both digitally and physically.

Artists were to tag their chosen institute and share or repost. Use the hashtags, #TheOtherIntervention#WAIWAV#Rejects .

It was supposed to be a friendly way to join forces to challenge the system and ask to be invited in.

Video description:
Frame: 1:  text reads “The Other Intervention”

Frame 2: A person’s mouth is mouthing backwards and it’s without sound. 

Frame 3: Audio of a man saying, “I’m a white man with blue eyes. In my late thirties” 

Frame 4: Montage of lips flashing 

Frame 5: Audio of a man saying, “I’ve got brown brown hair and a bit of a beard.” 

Frame 6: text whizzing pass the screen reading “I’m a white man with blue eyes. In my late thirties, I have brown brown hair and a bit of a beard.
My pronouns are him/his.” I’m a whi e man wi   blue eye . In my la e   ir ie , I’ve o   olden brown hair and a bi  of a beard. My pronoun  are he and him.”


Frame 7: Audio of a man saying, “My pronouns are him/his”.

Frame 8: Ear is spinning in the frame. 

Final frame: A man with a beard is speaking. The audio and caption reads ““I’m a white man with blue eyes. In my late thirties, I have brown brown hair and a bit of a beard. My pronouns are him/his.” 

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