Not your Monolith, I AM , Issue 1

The two pieces are representations of the following articles.“I am… Chronically Brown” by Sukhjeen Kaur and Shani Dhanda This issue explores the concept of who we are as individuals and as a community of artists and writers from across the globe. I am not your monolith. I am disabled. I am more than my impairment or condition. Exhibition… Continue reading Not your Monolith, I AM , Issue 1

The Other Intervention

Inspired by WAIWAV and the 102nd Anniversary of the 1st Dada Exhibition I contributed to the online takeover organised by Amanda Lynch, “The Other Intervention“. Check more fabulous work from disabled artists on Instagram. #TheOtherIntervention  #WAIWAV Here’s a wonderful piece by Kruse. “Sometimes it seems like you can only find success as a disabled artist if… Continue reading The Other Intervention

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Disability is Diversity

Disabled people make up more than 20% of the population, but only 2% of on-screen characters have disabilities. Less than 1% of writers in Hollywood are disabled. Disability is Diversity is the first advertising campaign created by an all-disabled creative team and I had the opportunity to part of the team. The Campaign pressures entertainment… Continue reading Disability is Diversity

Kavadi, Mauritius

Kavadee is a Ceremonial sacrifice and offering practised by devotees during the worship of Lord Murugan,[1] the Hindu God of War. The kavadi means “burden” it is a physical burden, asking Murugan for assistance, usually on behalf of a loved one who is in need of healing, or as a means of balancing a spiritual debt. On the day of the… Continue reading Kavadi, Mauritius

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